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My Favorite Birth and Postpartum Resources, Part 3: Apps

If you type 'pregnancy' into the search bar on your App store, you'll be bombarded with suggestions - from forums and pregnancy trackers that compare your growing baby to fruit, to kick counters and contraction timers. It can be overwhelming and confusing to weed out the useful ones from the gimmicky ones. I hope this guide is helpful for you!

Mothership Rising

This is an incredible app for Postpartum - it enables you to set up your network of folks who will help you out in those early postpartum weeks (or delegate a friend to do it)... it will set up a calendar so people can sign up for dates to provide you with whatever you need at the time (and you can specify that, too). What I love about it, too, is that it is truly fine-tuned to the needs of a new parent, and sends daily texts with messages of encouragement - it's certainly something I wish I knew about when I had my first!

Gentle Birth

Created by Midwife and Hypnobirthing expert Tracy Donegan, and, in my opinion, worth the subscription. Great meditations and hypnosis tracks for fertility, pregnancy, birth preparation, breastfeeding, and postpartum. They also have a contraction timer app, that will guide you through your waves!

Easy Contraction Timer

There are many contraction timer apps out there, but what I love specifically about this contraction timer app is the ability to share it in real time - so when you're beginning to have contractions, you can share it with me as well, so I can see what's going on as it's happening. I used this with my most recent birth and was able to send to both my doula and midwife - and as contractions picked up, they called to check in on me. It was great!

Wonder Weeks

There are so many apps out there that track baby's development and milestones, but none quite like the 'wonder weeks' app. What's so unique about it, is that it takes into account baby's due date, rather than baby's birth day. It gives parents a unique window into their baby's development, and an explanation for the 'fussier' periods of the first two years - usually attributed to 'leaps,' or as I like to call them, 'brain growth spurts' - yes, those are a thing! Well worth the 2.99.


If you're looking for a starting point with sleep, this is a wonderful resource for tracking your baby's patterns. From there, the app can give guidance on how long your baby's 'wake windows' are, and start to make a plan for helping your baby develop a good sleep routine that is also flexible.

Were these resources helpful for you? Let me know!


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