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Preparing for a
Smooth Postpartum

Signature Online Course

Learn "The Stuff They Don't Tell You" about Postpartum

Set yourself up for a beautiful fourth trimester.

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Are you expecting a baby?



It’s likely you’ve chosen your care provider, thought about your baby registry, begun planning the nursery, maybe even hired a doula or registered for a childbirth class, but...

Have you given much thought to

your postpartum time? 

Do you know about...

The massive hormonal shifts that occur in the hours, days, weeks, and months after your baby is born, as your body adjusts from your pregnancy? 


What about nourishment?

Have you thought about

how you’ll be feeding yourself

after baby arrives? 

Everyone tells you to eat healthy,

but what IS healthy eating in postpartum?

Maybe you’re nervous...

... about how you’ll navigate your changing relationship after baby arrives - with your partner, your family, your friends… 

How do you plan to communicate your boundaries surrounding visitors, unsolicited advice, personal space, helpers…

Who ARE your helpers going to be?


Hi! I'm Jaely.

I'm a Postpartum Doula, Perinatal Educator, and Certified Birth Story Listener.

Postpartum has and always will be

the work of my heart -

it’s the reason I came into working with

expectant and new parents.

I am so thrilled to bring this offering directly to YOU, and it's all about YOU,

the person who BIRTHED the baby.

It's never too early to begin thinking about your Fourth Trimester.

Our self-paced online course allows you to digest the information at your own pace, in your own time, and in your own way.

I promise you won't regret it!

Jaely_Headshots-1 (15).JPG
"My husband and I took Jaely's Preparing for Postpartum Course, and it was fantastic - engaging, informative, interesting. Would definitely recommend her classes!"

-Gina, Class Participant


"We were impressed with her balance of professionalism and warmth, knowledge, and sense of humor. We left feeling refreshed, equipped, and confident! We would recommend Jaely as a perinatal educator to anyone and everyone."

-Maggie, Class Participant

Everyone wants to hold the baby...

...but who is holding the one who BIRTHED the baby?


  • The Golden Hour

  • Hormones

  • Physical Healing

  • Emotional Healing

  • Nourishment

  • Movement

  • Relationships

  • Community

  • Visitors and Boundaries

... and more!


  • 2.5 hours of pre-recorded virtual instruction from an experienced Postpartum Doula ($250 value)

  • All class handouts ($20 value), including:

    • SIGNATURE Postpartum Resource List

    • Postpartum Meal Prep Recipe eBook

    • Postpartum Lab Ranges

    • Postpartum Door Sign for Visitors

    • Safeguarding Your Relationship

  • BONUS: Nourishing Foods and Drinks to pack for Labor ($5 value)

  • LIFETIME ACCESS TO THE COURSE ($50/year value)

VALUED AT $325 + $50/year





Are You Ready to 
Your Fourth Trimester?

Don't wait to invest in your Postpartum Health! 

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